Veneers, Bonding & More

Porcelain Veneers

A thin, semi-transparent shell of porcelain is permanently bonded to discolored, misaligned, chipped, spaced or misshapen teeth for a cosmetically superior look that feels as natural as your own teeth. Porcelain is extermely durable and looks dazzling.


Using a special mixture of glass, silica, quartz and plastic is perfect for filling in unsightly tooth gaps or small chips. Bonding is also used to fill in erosions or toothbrush abrasion (the notches at a tooth’s gum line), this prevents sensitivity and decay as well as beautifies your smile.

“White” fillings, Inlays, Onlays and Crowns

Composite resin fillings, a special mixture of resin and finely ground glasslike particles give stronger, more natural looking teeth.

Laboratory fabricated porcelain and composite resin inlays, onlays and full crowns have replaced the old silver amalgam fillings and metal crowns with amazing results. The tooth not only is stronger, but reflects the translucence of natural teeth. You have to see it to believe it!

Our goal is to artfully utilize the best new materials and techniques to give you the beautiful smile that’s perfect for you, and you alone. 

We'd like to have the opportunity to be your dentist & to give you the
healthy, perfect smile you've always dreamed of.

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