Periodontal Therapy

Most patients who visit our office have some degree of periodontal disease (gum disease). It’s not that they’re less careful about their oral hygiene. Gum disease is often the result of factors like genetics, stress, or health changes. We want you to keep your teeth forever. We go over your health history and the medications you’re taking and we X-ray and measure the pockets around your teeth to see if there is bone loss.

Periodontal disease begins with tiny bacteria-filled pockets between the tooth and gums. At this point, it’s very treatable, but if allowed to grow, inflammation can extend beneath the bone and erode it. Teeth begin to loosen and can be lost. We’re learning more about this common infection all the time. Periodontal disease not only hastens tooth loss, it also appears to be a strong contributing factor and risk for heart and other diseases.

When needed, we personalize a plan that gets treatment started as soon as possible. Once the disease gets started, there’s no time to lose in keeping it in check.

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