Cavities and damaged teeth are a fact of life and recently we have made great strides in dental repair. Today’s filling materials are strongerprettier and more conservative than ever before.

White fillings/Composite resins

These are tooth colored plastic fillings filled with finely ground glass-like particles that are bonded to your tooth giving you a stronger and more natural looking restoration.

Laboratory fabricated Porcelain Inlays and Onlays

Inlays and Onlays are both like a filling and like a crown. They are used when the amount of decayed tooth is so great that even with a bonded filling your tooth may fracture when you are eating. These beautiful restorations need less tooth removal than a crown.

Metal Free Mouth

Now that science has made available a more natural-looking substance for tooth repair many people prefer to use the tooth colored materials. They are a must for people with metal allergies. Silver fillings are still available and are considered safe however today a lot of folks are opting to exchange old amalgam fillings for tooth colored replacements.

The natural look boosts both a youthful appearance and self-confidence.

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