Dental Implants

Implants are a remarkable achievement in dental science. They are permanent restorations anchored in the jaw just like your own teeth. Most people who want dental implants need to steady a shifty denture or bridge a gap due to lost teeth. Whether as a single-tooth implant, or implants for the entire jaw, dental implants can be an attractive and long-lasting alternative to fixed bridges or partial dentures.

The procedure involves setting one or more implant roots/anchors into the jawbone. These implants, made of titanium, are strong, non-toxic, and biologically compatible with the mouth. Over time, the bone actually grows into the implant itself. Once this bond stabilizes we restore the root with a natural-appearing replacement tooth. Or we use the titanium implants as anchors to support a bridge or denture. Patients love the fact that implants have the look and feel of natural teeth.

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